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1 Nov 2013

PouchDB Chat - How to make it!

The objective

I wanted to create a very simple real time chat service using PouchDB. The result is PouchDB Chat

How to do it

Sign up for a free account on iriscouch

Pouchdb is a client database. We need a central couchdb database for pouchdb to talk to. We will use iriscouch

alt text

Create a new databases to store your chat messages

Call your new database something like chat or messages or pouchchat or whatever. alt text

Enable CORS so that web apps can CRUD your iriscouch databases. From your terminal command line:

It is important that you specify a origin. My origin is . If you leave it as a wildcard "*" or "localhost" then anyone could CRUD your database on IrisCouch.

$ export HOST=
$ curl -X PUT $HOST/_config/httpd/enable_cors -d '"true"'
$ curl -X PUT $HOST/_config/cors/origins -d '""'
$ curl -X PUT $HOST/_config/cors/credentials -d '"true"'
$ curl -X PUT $HOST/_config/cors/methods -d '"GET, PUT, POST, HEAD"'
$ curl -X PUT $HOST/_config/cors/headers -d \
  '"accept, authorization, content-type, origin"'

Verify CORS is enabled. You should see something like below in Tools->Configuration

alt text

NB export HOST= works if you signed up with Persona. Otherwise try:

$ export HOST=

More info in this pouchdb tutorial

In the head of your html files for home and post pages include the following:

    <script src=""></script>
    <script src="javascripts/app.js" defer="defer"></script>  
    <link href="stylesheets/sync.css" rel="stylesheet">
    <link href="" rel="stylesheet">

In the body of your html files for home and post pages include the following:

    <h3>PouchDB Chat</h3>
        <div class="well">
            <input id="chat-name" type="text" placeholder="Enter name">
            <input id="chat-message" type="text" placeholder="Enter message">
            <button id="new-message-button" class="btn btn-primary">Chat</button>  
            <div id="sync-wrapper">
              <div id="sync-success" class="alert alert-success">Status: sync working. Be patient.</div>
              <div id="sync-error" class="alert alert-danger">Status: sync failed. Try refreshing the page.</div>
            <ul id="chat-messages" class="list-group">          

In javascripts/app.js include the following:

var db = new PouchDB('pouchchat');

//IMPORTANT: CONFIGURE remoteCouch with your own details
var remoteCouch = '';, info) {
        since: info.update_seq,
        continuous: true,
        onChange: readMessages

var syncDom = document.getElementById('sync-wrapper');
var newChatName = document.getElementById('chat-name');
var newChatMessage = document.getElementById('chat-message');
var addMessageButton = document.getElementById('new-message-button'); 

function addMessage() {

    var message = {
        _id: new Date().toISOString(), //required
        name: newChatName.value,
        content: newChatMessage.value

    db.put(message, function callback(err, result) {

        if (!err) {
            console.log('Successfully added message '+message.content);
            newChatMessage.value = "";


function readMessages() {
  db.allDocs({include_docs: true, descending: true}, function(err, doc) {

function redrawUI(messages) {
    var ul = document.getElementById('chat-messages');
    ul.innerHTML = '';
    messages.forEach(function(message) {
        var li=document.createElement("li");
        var pName = document.createElement("p");
        var pMessage = document.createElement("p");

        pName.textContent =;
        pMessage.textContent = message.doc.content;
        pName.className = "text-danger";

        li.className = "list-group-item";

function sync() {
    syncDom.setAttribute('data-sync-state', 'syncing');
    var opts = {continuous: true, complete: syncError};, opts);
    db.replicate.from(remoteCouch, opts);

function syncError() {
    syncDom.setAttribute('data-sync-state', 'error');

if (remoteCouch) {

addMessageButton.addEventListener("click", addMessage);

In stylesheets/sync.css add the following code:

#sync-error, #sync-success {
  display: none;

[data-sync-state=syncing] #sync-success {
  display: block;

[data-sync-state=error] #sync-error {
  display: block;

The End

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